Sunday, July 8, 2012

Today’s the Day for Writing.

July 8 is Writer's Day.

Good or bad, beautiful or ugly, magnificent or mundane, there are days dedicated for many things in life. Of course the most popular and eagerly anticipated (dreaded by husbands though) day is Valentine’s day, and then you have Mother’s day, Father’s day , Friendship day and so on, when you contribute to the economy and help certain businesses stay afloat  by buying greeting cards, flowers, bands and what not . While these days ask us to acknowledge the most important relationships in our life, there are other days that ask us to think about the harsh realities of life, like AIDS, Cancer and Alzheimer's.  

This list here says that there is even a Ballpoint Pen day and a Statistics day. Lovely, isn’t it?

Today however is special for me, as today is World Writer's Day, a day for all people who love words. I have always categorically stated that words are my first love, a love that is life long, ever growing and irreplaceable.

But hey, even if you are not a writer per se, you still have reason to join me in this celebration. The logic being, there is a storyteller in everyone, whether they express themselves or not.  To paraphrase what Doris Lessing said in her Nobel prize winning novel “The Golden Notebook”, every smart person out there has a half written or unwritten novel, story or poems stacked away somewhere. No wonder I haven’t yet met a successful entrepreneur who did not talk or hint about writing an autobiography.
We are fortunate to be living at this time where it is so easy for anyone and everyone to write. And the best part is, one doesn't have to follow a particular style or be at the mercy of a publisher for their work to be seen. There are no rules except that the writing appeals to someone, even if it is just you to begin with, and thanks to some great blogging platforms, publishing online is as easy as 1-2-3.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and chat up some new people, call up an old friend or shut the door and switch on the music, even better still, go out and get friendly with nature like the guy you see here - whatever it takes to get you inspired and motivated to start writing. Write something today, now !

I would love to know what you have written today, please let me know!

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