Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Concise Copywriter’s Guide To Get More Clients

If you are a professional copywriter or an aspiring copywriter, here is a book that you should consider reading. This is not about how to write copy or to get ‘some’ clients.  This book is all about becoming a well-paid copywriter and the process to get you there.

The cover makes the target audience very clear. It says “How To Get High-Paying Copywriting Clients and Make Them Come To You”. There are many self-help books and blogs that offer advice on the same subject, but this one is different. Written in true copywriting style, it is crisp, to the point, effective and useful. As you might have guessed by now, it is written by a copywriter; someone who has gone through the grind himself, and would like to share his experiences with other copywriters.

This book is for copywriters who have reached a certain stage in the path of a copywriting career. Here's what the writer says:

Having said that, each chapter works you through the various steps of ‘being’ a copywriter.
  • Are you ready to be a copywriter?
  • What are the right methods to market your copywriting skills?
  • How to negotiate with your clients?
  • Why and how should a copywriter qualify clients?
  • What is BATNA and why is it essential for copywriters?

If anyone other than a copywriter is reading this, they might wonder why a copywriter needs assistance in finding clients. After all, copywriters are the ones who sell a product, service or idea with skillful use of words.

But the irony is, while good copywriters write excellent sales copy for their client’s businesses and help them to get more leads and sales, they fail to do so for themselves. This reluctance of copywriters to market their services is a disservice to themselves, as well as to clients whose businesses would benefit from their writing. The root cause is that most copywriters are creative by nature and scoff at the idea of salesmanship.

Now for the good news: this book talks you out of this mindset and tells you why initiating a conversation with prospective clients is not salesmanship, and how it is more like a consultation where you are matching their needs to your offerings. There are many more interesting tips and suggestions that make this book well worth its price. You can get a copy at

Thanks to Damon Verial (Men's Copywriter) for asking me to review his book.

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