Thursday, November 1, 2012

Playing Guitar Like a Sitar, Remo Rocks Bengaluru.

Remo Fernandes was at Bengaluru last Saturday, performing at the India Alive concert. The venue was Phoenix mall, Bengaluru. Remo, who turns 60 in 2013, would give a lot of 40 year olds a huge complex with his energy and joie de vivre.

Remo Fernandes at India Alive Concert, Bengaluru

What you've missed, if you weren't there….

Remo singing Pyar Tho Hona Hi Tha, Humma Humma and Yeh Hai Jalwa.
A pre-release trial of his song on football “Stand up”, with lyrics that go something like this: “Stand up, Stand up, Stand up for your passion; make your passion your profession”. Sure loved it!
Remo Fernandes strumming the guitar like a Sitar. It was pure magic!
RJ Rakesh, aka Professor Ulfat Sultan from Sultan school of Speech performing live on stage, performing some classics. Haven’t heard of him? You should tune in to 94.3 Radio One once in a while.
Getting the chance to send off a Lamp of Hope into the night sky and kicking off your Diwali celebrations a little earlier than the rest. In case you are wondering what is this thing called Lamp of Hope, it’s a sky lantern. Here are some pics.

Sky lanterns slowly rising...

Sky lanterns are also known as Kongming Lanterns /Chinese lanterns

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