Sunday, November 4, 2012

Does Your Business Need An Android App?

Put another way, what can an Android App do for your business? In today’s increasingly mobile world, a lot! By the end of this year, there are going to be more mobile phones than the entire human population. About 33% of them are smart phones, and Android phones are selling more and more. This past quarter (Q3/2012), ~64% of the mobile devices sold were powered by Google’s Android OS. By the same time, there were a total of 500 million android devices in use, with 1.3 million new activations being added each day.

Why should you choose an Android app?

Large Eco-system: 
There are a large number of hardware manufacturers like Samsung and LG who are manufacturing android devices. Absence of monopoly in hardware means competition, which means better features at lesser prices for the end-user. The developer community for android is huge and diverse, which means a better choice and inexpensive app development for your business.

Android phones are affordable:
Android phones come with a varied range of price tags, and the lower end of the price spectrum is quite affordable. It’s just not that, there’s more good news! Android devices are going to get more affordable if the current trend is any indication of what’s to come. For you as a business owner, this means an opportunity of reaching out to a large number of your potential clients. If you need an app for internal use, this means that your device cost will be a fraction of that compared to using any other OS for your app. An android app is a must if your target demographic includes India and other developing nations, given the huge market lead Android enjoys here.

Leverage existing mobile features and Google apps:
With a mobile app, you can leverage smartphone features such as camera, data, GPS and interactive graphics. With an android app, you can also make use of other Google apps pre-installed on the device. For example, you can offer location based suggestions to your clients by using the GPS/maps feature.

Business Benefits

If you are an SME:

For a small business, mobile apps offer a cost-effective and smart way to reach their customers, anytime, anywhere.Let’s say you own a cafĂ© chain. You android app’s bar-code can be prominently displayed at your cafes asking your clients to download the app to get special offers; regular customers can be given special incentives so they become your loyal fans and spread the word around. The app can show up directions to your nearest outlet, the menu there, and timings. By making your business easily accessible all the time, you not only retain your clients, you also get a definite edge over your competition! 

If you are a corporate:

Corporates and big businesses can make even better use of Android apps. Tools for internal communication can be developed on an android platform, to increase efficiency and coordination. Marketing communication and customer engagement can also get a great boost from android apps developed for that purpose. With creativity and coordinated efforts, what you can achieve from an engaging and interactive app is limitless.


  1. Excellent . Android apps are the simple cost effective way to reach an audience, both loyal and new.

    We have developed an android app to train retailers and their store staff on improving their skill sets, customer service etc.

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